Campfire [Mixtape]

by Lucy Camp

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Home 03:00
Verse 1: You can't stand to be away I can’t stand to be awake In that long, black cloak That's that man that we await That's that man that seals fates Masterplans that’s real fake That's that, all there is To black ash, our final state Went to the casino state Back alley bums push keto-weight And half their buzz placebos Straight from cans and junk plus week old plates Junkies up for evil trades A one for 2 deal, mean 'ol, game They break their word, that needle breaks And the devil comes back to repo names Hook: Oh I lay all day on my own When all I wanna do is come home But then I realize This is home to me Home Hold up, wait up, whoa Look how easy we are to dispose How many helping hands do we all hold This Hole Is my only home This is home x4 Verse 2: Staying with a cheap-o skate My funeral funds see no bank Casket made out of convenience, metal, and Home Depot crates Ex fellow friends and ex teen soulmates Wish hell for me For me to breathe those flames Even though they were with me like the pick of the litter They switched on a bitch and their lingo changed What I did for them didn't get please or thanks Don't exist for them so the world keeps rotating But I pinch on my skin so to dream locate And I feel every minute every single way Tell them I feel so unwelcome so it's best my leave, I take But they say welcome mats ain't welcomed when you already live here so Stay Hook
The Move 02:45
Verse 1: I’m sleeping In a little sized room And no guests so don’t guess that you can slide through No one ever thought I’d be like this in high school A mess But I’m cool So I guess that kinda makes life cool With all that stress, think this might’ve been the right move I call my sis, Mayra “Mayra i’m just like you” But Y’know different cuz I rhyme too Pretty happy ‘bout the mini fridge That’s dope Little set up for my indie shit That’s dope All my friends they like to give me shit That’s dope What’s that medicine that gets you pretty lit That’s dope God damn you’re so skinny Bitch I’m flat broke And I can’t hang cuz i’m busy Go and ask folks I know life ain’t that pretty but she has jokes Plus she goes to like All the rap shows Hook: I made the move I had to go Said I’ll let you know when I get home and then I don’t I made the move I had to go I don’t know what home is but I know it’s not the road I made the move X7 I had to Go I ain’t in a Proud family Call me Lacienega They’re all looking down at me Don’t like where i’m ending up Why you running mouth at me? I ain’t with that petty stuff You could get that cutoff quick And that shit goes for everyone R.I.P the friendships that I ended last year Not a single one was friendship but it felt like damn near Lot of liars, lot of haters, lot of jealous ass peers And my team knows, you don’t gotta tell us, that’s clear I’m never going back and I mean it If I make a mess on the mat then I clean it I do motherfucking independent rap while you dream it Hate my shit but you stream it Ha Play my shit I know you feen it Break your neck looking you gon need the orthopedics Once I step foot in, you forget about who she is Ha Who’s she again? I don’t even know
My Head 02:34
Verse 1: Sweet smell to the nose Rose aroma Poppin' open a Coca Cola One mattress on the floor to hold us Loved ones got no papers and Some of my friends got no diplomas Guess they're considered the lowest lowest Of the lowest and sorta hopeless But they hit me up on my mobile Tonight i can tell they wanna toy with my mojo Get fucked up to the point i'm immobile And gobble up a bunch of Altoids but i told ya I don't wanna Indulge ya Don't cha Like me without the doja? Not much when i'm without the doja? No love gotta whip out the doja They call the lonesome wholesome But I don't hold something to say I hold something I got something to really wake my pulse up All decisions I make of late, impulsive I can think of one escape to go with One to get you through the days of showbiz On stage dull Off stage explosive I don't know how long it'll take to notice cuz Hook: I love Losing my head It's the only time I don't see You in my head Wish that you would just Do what I said Wish that I would just Do what I said X2 Verse 2: They taught me how to choke And so I taught you how to choke And so I got you out your comfort zone I crossed the town spent bucks on Mets plugs and took the plunge for once The pungent smoke was punching throats Any money grows, hole punching those Any body knows, knows nothing though Got you to jump in fast Already pumping gas We know the good spots now You better dump that map You better dump that man You better dump that attitude While you're at it You talking back Don't make that a habit Cuz these days I don't take shit at all And I'm not like I was when you were taking advantage So hop on the bus We gettin' faded god damnit Got a one way ticket Take it to the ticket taker Where we're going they don't even have a return ticket maker Ticking, ticking, ticking And my ticker's beat is fucking shockin' like that of a defibrillator Like what if I die too soon? And then what if I don't? Some like to wish away death So what if I hope?
Verse 1: Two job juggling She’s a two job juggler Tell these fools stop bugging her Caution if you talk in front of her She say ooo nah to whatever She’s so cool ah like whatever Probably blew off one of us I mean ooo ah whatever Gotta move on Never met her Never met her girl but I let her get her One day she’ll come round Until then they could get together And I won’t get upset, no Not into getting super sentimental All I really want is just for you to let go If you can do it, give me you and I’ll give you the best home Hook: Taste the silver I went from grey to silver X3 She take the lower half of me And then she paint it silver Verse 2: Rumors coming in But these rumors toughen her Got that Lucha blood in her Get your tooth rocked touching her Get that boot stomp cuffing her She ain’t new Stop bluffing her She’s a loot robbin' hustler What they do, not enough for her I would do a lot to get at her See these suicide competitors Soon they all just end up hurt Deja vu Don’t you remember her? Baby you are just a friend to her Introduce me to a friend of her I’m Lucy if you haven’t heard I don’t do shit like them regulars Hook (SUNG) I want it now I want a taste of you It's been a while Been so obsessed with you I wanna ride this now Want you to melt in my mouth Want you to pin me down We could be golden now
Oh My 04:14
Hook: Oh my He wanna be my t-o-y Like to act like I don’t know why But I’m bad, already know why Oh my Oh my With the ladies and like no guys If she into ladies Hit the road guys I just want a lady And like no guys Oh my Oh my Maybe 1, maybe 4 or 5 Maybe 1, maybe 4 or 5 Maybe 1, maybe for the night Oh my X2 Verse 1: M.U.A Hit up my M.U.A Sixty dollars Chuck it for a fresh full face I’m a pretty problem Fuck up out my pedestal’s place In the day I do my work You’ll have to schedule late Okay Seen your brown bedroom shades But I didn’t sleep around your bedroom space Told you eat it like you eat the chef’s soufflé If you won’t Then beat it Thinking ima let you stay No way Tap it like a croquet hit What I say, I back it If you back it low, pray quick Don’t know who your man is but he’s askin' old strange shit You’re like "I don’t know who that is" on that code name shit Straight up bitch But I make her go gay Get the oral all the time I had to name her Colgate Bitch I don’t want you if you don’t go both ways Bitch I don’t want you if you don’t do role play Hook Verse 2: She went from bottle service to just straight up servin' She ain’t ever fucked a guy But that don’t make her a virgin Pull her number up Then I am on my way to confirm it And I don’t ever bluff That’s why I’m not gon' wait and observe it Said you want the pussy What you gonna say to deserve it? I’ve been telling everyone "if I’m not taken, I’m curvin'" But I want to feel the heat like the flames in a furnace And I want a real freak like you was raised in the circus She send a snap Then she wanna send a nude And over text God damn what’d I get into? I don’t want no bed and breakfast I just wanna rent a room Shove you through the exit uh Then get rid of the scent of you Wrapped up in a Lush towel Kiss me from the neck and then go duck down When I get the neck I make so much sounds Need a second breath but all that comes out And out is HOOK
How Much 02:48
Verse 1: One time in my life A couple boys were bumpin' fists On my street corner for me They asked for coin, I said "no flips If you're really bout what you want and that's me Break joints in hips Really bust him for that hoohaa You get points avoiding hits" I don't care about what who got Long as who got, got it fairly Got no room for love in savings Keep my mulah monetary Knowing they won't get it's like a scooping topped with cherries Cuz I'm not one to be played I'm just like music that's not airing Makeup game A-1 Mascara never runs It's how I like it If you claim you're bout the ride, it shouldn't matter if we bike it If we fit, that's excitin' If we don't Which we won't I'm a bitch and I won't hide it Always bit but don't do bitin' Bitches use their hands for talkin' But they don’t use hands for writin' See all day and night’s the same to me I hardly let the light in Lately you’ve been tryna lay with me But you’ve been really lame with me So I’m gonna decline and say the problem was the time unless you Hook: Show me just how much you love Lucy X3 Cuz I don’t think you really love Lucy Verse 2: Roses in the trunk Pull them out when you get checked Then you’re blowing the phone up I’m not down with gettin' get Never down with gettin' got Cuz before I have got gotten And now I think that it’s foreign and not normal puttin' thought in You’d always fetishize me So I told you back the fuck off But I, y'know, said it nicely And that shit just got a shrug off You say to your friends that’s wifey I say ring, ain’t putting one on Better think a-fucking-gain I’m not a thing you should be stuck on Talk commitment I’m not even 21 Told that bitch And bitch got petty now I’m not ready, I’m not ready Then you hit me like "you ready now?" Nuh uh uh No way no how Do what I do cuz I know how Be another suitor for another sucker I got many now
Drive 05:22
Verse 1: I down down hard liquor then I run off I'm way past browned out now Must stop No one's looking for me At least no one that I love ah No one that I love ah No I do not love ya Yeah I said a little bit of shit But hello, so what? So does everybody when they're on the verge of throwing up Telling me to not visit again when I wasn't even going to I wasn't even going to Thinking that I want ya when I, when I, when I don't bitch I just downed a little Hen Oh wait a sec, we both did Now you're bendin' over tryna give that body motion I had to go get you out of that one That was bullshit Bullshit mistaken for devotion There you go mistakin' my emotions Nothing 'bout this bed is made of roses Dozing Oh shit X4 Hook: You wouldn't trust me to drive You wouldn't trust me to drive Why would you trust what I say? Why would you trust what I say? X2 Verse 2: Sending a full letter text message like I'm guilty Truth is I got zero recollection And it kills me How you gonna tell me who I'm feeling, when I feel it I got bigger shoes And you don't got the fucking feet to fill these People like you only like to thrill seek People like you only like to go downhill speed You are not a saint And you're the same as any person with a stain They're painted on you to the point that you are filthy Your guy is an idiot But any moment he'll see You ain’t looking pretty And you’re worrying that he’ll leave I brought you to kickback bitch You’re the one that told us You don’t really care about what he’ll think Now he’s picking us up in the late night You were kissing someone But you love him at the same time Bet you don’t remember Cannot even walk a straight line Treat me like whatever Cuz you need someone to hate, right? Hook Verse 3: Next thing I know I feel the tubes down my throat I can’t move how I want Can’t say what I need to I feel like If they don’t take the tubes out I’ll choke All everyone can do now is hope Cuz if I don’t make it, everyone that’s waiting’s going to hate me And I hate knowing I’d be letting you down the most So many I should’ve’s And I should’ve Stopped you that night But I couldn’t So I didn’t Felt my lung collapse And my light dimmin’ Something in my eye spinnin' Something in the- Thought I saw Something in the sky grinnin' Bridge: It’s just a break in my spine It’s just a cut to the skin No more wasting my time Cuz now I’m gonna live X2 Live On I’m going to live on I’m alive What more could I want X2 It’s just a break in my spine It’s just a cut to the skin No more wasting my time Cuz now I’m gonna live
Eastside 03:08
Hook: Small time Mexicana On the come up from the Eastside Ahora mírala X2 Verse 1: Raspado man Pour that syrup in my white foam cup Lot of POC Very little white folk stuff Looking real E But I got no sign thrown up I just feel me I ain’t tryna fight no one Know I’m in the East Even with my eyes closed shut Waiting in the streets Sometimes I would bike home t But the 22 and 25 were what I rode So the public transit was like my school bus He said let’s go to the Southside for fries I said "no manches guey You want it done right, ima take you straight to Santa Fe" He said "let’s go" I said "I’m already on the way" So much on the East That you really gotta contemplate This is where I reside La cultura aka Dickies and Levi’s It ain’t basura But it ain’t no pretty peace sign It’s where I grew up Yeah it’s the Eastside Hook Verse 2: Shouts to Karmen for the hustle and bustle Selling candy out her house She was one with the struggle Everyone on the block would go Even my cousins and uncles, sister and brother and grandmother, single lovers or couples It was the spot And any competition there was no You could get Shot I’m just kidding but we lived in no bubble We kept it locked For no unexpected visitor trouble We hear a knock Turn the light off, we don’t live here We unknown I’m in my place Chicanos, chicanas I’m with my race Fake beggars outside Tropicana Get out my face Bummin' in my pijamas But wide awake Do the work and we can be what we wanna Decide a fate Lotta real out here besides the fake Love is what I feel out here behind the hate It’s more than just the streetlights It’s where I grew up Yeah It’s the Eastside
Rowdy 03:30
Verse 1: I'm twisted Get the gist, Ted I'm pissed at The whole mundo The disrespect Get the gist, Bret They don't know yet But they will soon tho Hey Tristan Your girl Kristen's my friend Don't you think she ought to know? They pick me I don't pick them Now I'm 'bout to show 'em motherfuckers how i'm useful Ducking under the water Got that typhoon flow Tell me Are you the type to drown or type to float? Bitch I'm sweeter than diabetes in the type 2 form Which is why they wouldn't let me when I tried to go Sic a couple primos on them Say goodbye to your life If they die then you're gonna die junto There are 3 things that you just don't ever cross That's me, my mind, and the fine line Punto I get it smooth like hair right through combs Gimme that bald ass, rare, Caillou dome And on your knees cuz it's prayer night too folks Gag and don't breathe like your air pipe blew smoke Don't forget to give the air five too, bro Bitch tried to run but her air nikes too slow Nothin' that a multimillionaire buys, you won't Get it when I want it for a fair price You know Hook: Ouchie Good for nothing people They don't help you They're so lousy Watch you bleed out Like if watching bleed outs was arousing They don't send the fallen saints away cuz of overcrowding Don't exaggerate he isn't crazy he's just Rowdy X8 Verse 2: It's mania In the gymnasium Praise him like he's in a big stadium Spacing out so much Even greet aliens On my way back home I'm a green alien Queasy So I keep bailing on Any work, any stress, any help, any one Anyone that thinks they can help Let me know Know all of you know more than you're letting on I like my cup full Better make that cup a double Life's too damn short for that bitch not to be full frontal Take what I can when I can buy stuff straight out the duffel Get paid now, that's hustle Get laid out, that's muscle Work Your soon to be bed is made of cedar wood But you are never gonna live long enough to see the wood Nenene nana Mañana hiding in a single a bush Nenene nana Mañana lavando los sheets like woosh and woosh and woosh And you'll wish In the moment you had the luck of the Irish I'll wear you out Like your skin is stylish Then tear you out Like the skin of fried fish I won now Ha Looking at the list That's one down You don't want a problem Don't come 'round You could make it right But you're throwing the one towel Apology letter? I only care about one vowel Said I was a fun gal Said I was a fun gal I could be a fun gal At the end, I get the bounty It won't matter what I did Cuz the case'll get dismissed And the judge'll be like "man she ain't a criminal, she rowdy"
Verse 1: Havoc all around Over rectangles with pyramids People disappear And then get paid for their appearances In the walking-waking life the days just go on mirroring It's not about the motor It's the people engineering them The still sky isn't gonna give until you're spirited A thrill might put a little kick into your fear to live The guilt might thicken but I wanna live so here it is I'm Bill Nye with it Bring a bitch and let's experiment A novelty seeker and a Mad adventurer Dip my toes in water 'Bout to change the whole damn temperature Security ain't promised So there's no way you can rest assured I thought about my place Now I'm thinkin' 'bout the rest of Earth Hook: What happens when you fall into the rabbit hole? Bite into your food without taking off the plastic coat? Tired of being around these Unenthusiastic hoes Seems like I'm the only one around here who still has a goal X2 I'm the only one who does shit X4 Verse 2: Objects are the motives So we give them different monikers Yes my good friend Molly See these days we've just been poppin' her You know the time is good When you can't get your mental clock to work But somehow the job isn't second Somehow you clock in work Work ethic, perfect Like me and the job were for matin' Your effort isn't working No, no siree Bob You're mistaken So I'm one hundred percent sure That nothing's waiting Anything that doesn't concern you, doesn't baby Nail biting, teeth grinding Pulling your hair out gets tiring When you're miming I mean miming every move of mine I might add I only ever see slackers shooting for the moon at night and That's the issue You're limited the minute that you decide that That's your fault Ooh They called but you didn't get the call? Ooh you can't be mad cuz that's your fault Ooh They called but you didn't get the call? Ooh you're about to go awol That's not my fault
Last Laugh 03:04
Verse 1: Yes One assumed One is mad, one is fumed One of whom shall not be named right now Should've learn to hush and shut it soon Zip it Please shove it down Like a free buffet round Put those knees on the ground Older nice folk go "geez Louise, I mean she's kind of loud" Contrary to popular belief That's an old wives tale Ground touchin' gown with the whole white veil Want to frown on me now, don't even slow my trail Don't even know life well enough to know myself But How you still a peeper tom? You're on your way senior prom You even had wonderful lady go head and meet your mom Yet you running to me Like I'm really gonna greet you with open arms Like "Wait a minute girl you got fucking bars And we never talked before But we should fucking start You know back in school Yeah you were fucking smart" When the bonds are broken, then my fences come up And that shit just remains barbed Hook: You think I don't have an ounce of respect for myself Like you matter to me But the last time I checked I was the one to get the last laugh Ha hee Ha ha, hee hee Ha ha, hee hee But the last time I checked I was the one to get the last laugh Ha ha, hee hee Verse 2: It was funny to me Wait, It wasn't funny to you? Kay Well all I know is I laughed so hard at you That I ended up in the recovery room Ha ha ha Oh the satire To match your jester attire You were dead set, admired me Then you went and left shit entirely Then you went and set shit to fiery Smithereens, injuring any future shot of getting hi from me Want me out of your head? Now I'm in your headset The irony I like your joke telling better than your juggling Encore, encore, and then another one again Only words I want out of your mouth better be "what" and "when" And what you mean the tights don't fit? Suck it in I paid a pretty hefty price for the fun of it A mime mimicking our every life just isn't cutting it I'm telling you I hear you loud and clear But when I hear you, it is like being tickled all the time Until my lungs they give out Yeah, you thought were funny till you knew exactly what I was about Hey ya, hello, hiya Everyone is saying the same You're saying that we've been pals How? Huh? To feed morale What I sought back then, I don't seek it now I think I see you now


For fans of beastly bars over bass bangers & analog synths. While Lucy heals up from her near-fatal car wreck, she hits us with the Campfire mixtape for campXO. Tell a friend and follow the project on social media @ #campfireXO


released September 20, 2019

Written by: Lucy Camp for Clearly Luz (ASCAP)
Produced By: Peter Anthony Red for QN5 Music (ASCAP)
©2019 QUINTIC. All Rights Reserved.


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Lucy Camp San Jose, California

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