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Nights [EP]

by Lucy Camp

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Vega She's intrinsically integral to the molecule. Favorite track: Intuition.
Matthew Baird
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Matthew Baird Easily the best project of the year thus far and I highly doubt anything else will top it. Lucy is in rare form on this and Tones production as always is incredible. Brilliant on all levels. Favorite track: Stillness.
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jkay28 I usually prefer a more traditional rap sound, but there's a few artists I really like that push boundaries a bit past my comfort zone and make some really cool music that I wouldn't have thought I'd like. Namely Tonedeff, Dessa, Krizz Kaliko, and now it looks like Lucy has earned her spot on that list. Really unique project, I've never heard anything quite like it but Lucy makes it work. That shouldn't be a surprise though, everything Lucy has made so far has been really good. Favorite track: Tried.
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Ugly 02:28
Verse 1: I must be out my mind I’m feeling loaded Me or her You decide who you will go with I like the light It shines so brightly on my forehead I like to like I like my life I like to force it Hook: I’m ugly when I cry Don’t look at me When I’m not happy I’d rather die Verse 2: Makeup smeared because I live inside my fear of trust Do stuff just cuz I hear it’s fun Love sucks I love the weirdest ones What’s up the drugs appeared at once What’s up what’s down one beer i’m done I fuck around all year i’m young Fuck around all year i’m dumb What’s what what how oh where am I? Shut those pair of eyes Don’t look at me You parasite If you look Prepare to Die
Stillness 03:55
Verse 1: I can’t be worried Worry is a mix of doubt A mix of doubt and fury Have to keep the stillness But the ins and outs are blurry Lines that don’t align Now this old house is burning Should’ve looked for the signs Hook: If I make a move And I wake you I might wake myself up too If I make a move And I wake you I might break myself in two Verse 2: The sounds are so disturbing Peacefulness we long Peace is so alluring In harmony we’re drawn The urges keep occurring How long can this go on for Now this old house is burning And still I want more Verse 3: Statues Frozen Posed in pictures Lack emotion Most have mastered Lack the motion Close to fixtures Chose this So we’re both disasters Any step forward’s, backwards Forward’s backwards I know just how short this road is It will all be over after Bridge: I’m close To breaking free Of this hold I’m so close I’m close To breaking free Of this hold I’m so close Have to keep the stillness x2
Next To Me 03:47
Verse 1: If you touch someone else Will it be hard to tell? Will I ever know? Keep it to yourself Should I just ignore What’s been done before I’m just never sure What I know is I Hook: I know I know I know When you’re right next to me x4 So Don’t go Verse 2: I’ve seen lovers go Love can leave the soul Feelings are getting old I feel more alone Where, where? Is there hope? I feel almost blind Can’t be on my own When I’m missing you and I Bridge: Where did I go wrong? With you Cuz I feel you the most When you’re gone Can you feel me the most When I’m gone
Tried 02:46
Verse 1: The days make me insane Oh the weight I feel the weight In my bed It ain’t so good Even when I sleep I feel awake And I can’t do just what I want Even tomorrow feels way too long I know my hardest Should be fine But then what if I am wrong Hook: I tried to run (I tried to) I tried to move (I tried to) Tried to get through Tried to get through Tried to get through To you x2 Verse 2: Pain on my lower side Need a fix I know a guy Pills and pills In cups My new skills I can take six at a time How it makes me feel so good And it knows just what I like But it grabs me by its hooks Reels and reels me in with its lines And the only way I’m free of it’s If I don’t think of it Don’t speak of it x2 Verse 3: Couldn’t get down to pray and kneel Really thought that your fate was sealed Times goes As it passes, you wonder what your fate reveals Hands off as another hand takes the wheel And what do you do? Do you wallow in pain? Or do you look on ahead And do you follow the flame? Didn’t think you’d see tomorrow Till tomorrow, it came So you gotta treat tomorrow Like tomorrow’s today
Intuition 03:26
I can never really make up my mind I can never really make up my mind Verse 1: Leave no enemy alive I put the thought of ending me behind Like anything yet anything but pride Send an angry text? I leave it on read if she replies I don’t think we’re ready to be right Got no energy for mess Let alone the energy to fight Like a thief only entering at night Take as much as I can get Wonder if the bed is even mine baby Maybe it’d be best if we divide I mean that is what you said Oh that’s not what you meant But I thought you never lie? It’s evident everything is inevitable as everyone anywhere becomes harder to identify Do I let it go? Do I let it die? Every little thing Do let it fly? When the feelings that you know just get set aside There’s a problem when the lows feel like getting high Am I high? Is this really what I want or is this just my intuition or indecision? You'll keep living when I'm gone, but can I live with this decision? What if this is it? I feel dependency inside You’re seeing all my tendencies arise And seeing the intensity in size I know that it hurts you and scares you tremendously and why It ain’t like you were pleasantly surprised Haunted by a past, both of ours incredibly alike I mean that’s essentially a sign Luxuries, necessities, combined Am I a necessity? decide Why are we obsessed with being right Yet I’m right Could’ve told you it the second night Now I’m not the chick you recognized Somebody unknown now, you don’t know now Go ahead and disconnect the line Disrespect the time Blame It’ll end up mine Even feel a little less of spine Someone so significant How could this end with a bye? Lows only feel like getting high Am I high? Is this really what I want or is this just my intuition or indecision? You'll keep living when I'm gone, but can I live with this decision? What if this is it? Should I go or should I stay? Should I wait another day? Should I leave enough to take? Should I leave it up to fate? Should I go or should I stay? Should I wait another day? Should I deal with my mistakes? Should I leave it up to fate?
Tricks 03:52
Hook: All that I’ve seen’s Not what I’ve seen Oh my god, what I thought was true was not Been done so wrongly Have I done the wrong things? Oh my god, maybe I’m not what you want I think somebody is Playing a trick on me x2 Verse 1: I sit In the crowd I watch It go down You pick Me out Like lost And found As you Perform You close The door I lose The floor But wait There’s more Fooled now you’re trapped I’m like the rabbit that’s pulled out your hat Strings go tada They get pulled out the back Think of the masses that you will attract It’s all an act You bought your ticket We faded to black Turn on the lights, it’s a prison of glass Abra cadabra you split me in half Hook Verse 2: I don’t know my name or where I am I am not the person that I was when I began I don’t wanna play if I’m a pawn that’s in your plan This is not a game because you have the upper hand I don’t wanna know If it’s gonna happen If the crystal ball will glow Is it in your script or is it written in your notes? I will be your victim and we’ll give them all a show Bridge: Blindfold me Spin me ‘round and tell me where you are (Play another trick on me, play another trick on me) Then hold me Fold the deck and make me pick a card (Play another trick on me, play another trick on me)
Mine 04:43
Verse: There’s no reason to hide Where this goes We will find Always a way Always some time Always somebody that gets left behind If we hide We will find that Some days are somber But we stay together Days start to feel longer More than I remember I’ve lost track of time Again and again You and I Everyone’s one waiting for us to catch fire Act on our desires But I’ve no desire To hurt you Or lie to you I know you’re tired I’m holding you tighter And tighter and tighter Hook: For once I can call this Mine all mine In love I have fallen It’s mine all mine Mine all mine x6 You put your hand in mine You put your trust in me And now that it’s mine I won’t up and leave


Lucy Camp ventures into the darkest corners where love and fear connect, in this goth-flavored take on industrial darkwave vibes. Play this record in the dead of night as you drive past the streaking lights in the rear-view mirror.


released October 22, 2021

Written by: Lucy Camp for Clearly Luz (ASCAP)
Produced by: Peter Anthony Red for QN5 Music (ASCAP)
Artwork by Natalie Shau ( IG: @natalieshau )
©2021 QUINTIC. All rights reserved.


all rights reserved



Lucy Camp San Jose, California

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