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Someday Maybe [EP]

by Lucy Camp

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Dirty 03:13
Hook: Every place That we go’s Got a problem Dirty problems That’s okay If we don’t know Then we don’t got em Dirty problems Leave it 'lone It might grow To thirty problems Dirty problems We don’t know We don’t know Then we don’t got 'em Verse 1: I see a trail of ants along the wall like "Ew gross" Mama bought the house I think but somehow we are still broke I’m seven sitting on my window sill, woke 2 days no sleep, ain’t no difference in this filth though An aerosol can of Raid is how we fill holes Till the air is all gas sprayed into our ill throats Always stare at walls, half naked with the quilts close It ain’t fair at all I feel naked I need real clothes And I need real guidance I don’t care if you could a save dollar mama with the knockoff We need real items Always say to buckle up and then tell us to duck cuz you don’t want the police C'mon ma just get a real license You don’t feel like it So you won’t do it I see the same roach everyday Today I spoke to it And it told me "Damn you’re really going through it" But you won’t know until you go through it Hook Verse 2: And this charade I'm tryna keep up Where I don’t say that half of the garage is where I sleep up Is silly because I invent the problems that I think of And I have yet to hear a person comment when we link up But I’m an addict in all of the negative When I don’t have it I look where to get it then If I could get it there, that’s where I head again That’s why I’m making no mental development That’s why I’m taking no man as a gentleman That’s why I hate, that’s why I flake When I meet people cuz I don’t got etiquette They all been living their lives with the better shit We had like nothing You had like either Using my finger to scrape ice from the freezer Hungry That’s how we were But you can’t get medicine with no signs of fever We were moving away To a new place, to a new job Suitable pay, beautiful not Everything beautiful’s bought I can do anything you can do But anything you can do I can do everything you can do wrong
EL 03:12
Verse 1: As a kid I went through a combative phase Hated every single person in the planet’s face Always quiet, always distant, always mad at days Often I felt nonexistent, I just added space And you were present so you didn’t understand the rage So much resentment Though you’d always say I had it made It was incessant But you chalked it up to classic angst An adolescent At that awkward and dramatic age But damn, it ached Couldn’t tell you what I had to say That I dad, I hate that I’m damaged and I act a way That dad, I ain’t what you imagined but I can’t parade Around like I’m some other person that I can’t portray And dad, I break knowing all the time we have can fade Lack of faith My body in a fragile state Dad, I’m brave But I also am afraid Cuz just like you I don’t know how to handle pain Hook: El es mí papa El es mí papa Pero el es mí papa El es mí papa Verse 2: The night you found me in the driveway hunched over You thought somebody drugged me up until you rushed closer Smelt the drunk odor on me while I shrugged shoulders Until I woke up in the hospital somewhat sober And then you told me what my options were for us forward I told you I would be more cautious and not cut corners But you know how defensive I get at someone’s orders And how I pretend I’m confident and much older But it had gotten worse It was not the first That the pot was stirred I was not concerned If l left and I did not return Felt a lot of things Acted out Thought a lot of words Questioned my whole being What’s the reason I’d been brought to earth Always on your nerves Picking fights Always on the verge Pissed you off so much That one night You picked me by the shirt Told me what it was Really I got what I deserved You were in tough in love But I think it might’ve worked Bridge: You heard the news And didn’t know what was coming Ran out the room Your whole damn world, it was crumbling And I never knew just how much that you loved me But you had my back And now I know that you love me
Healing (V2) 03:10
Verse 1: I feel pain when it’s cloudy, when it's windy I’ll never be the same With this metal mounted in me Forgiven who’s to blame But won’t forget about it quickly We’re women and we change With or without the injury And no amount of limping’s gonna make me bad Take my soul, Break my spirit, Though it makes me mad I still won’t show up to the hearing like "The case is cracked Your honor, send her ass to jail She just played your ass Though I know deep down She’s afraid of that Accountability That’s something we’re afraid to have Without mobility I always had to wait on staff No dignity My bed is where they gave my baths They make a face and ask "If she was drunk why’d you get in the car with her?" And then they shut up when I explain the crash Motherfucker My summer turned to dark winter You think we did that shit for fun? You think I’m made of cash? The truth is, I wouldn’t take it back Grateful that it happened in the way it has Careful where you go Cuz life That shit really changes fast Verse 2: And call it fate, call it tragedy Every night I dreamt when I’d awake that I’d go back to sleep I didn’t want to wake unless my leg would change up magically I was filled with hate, I didn’t know it till it snapped in me Couldn’t help but turn it into something it didn’t have to be Couldn’t help but turn it on the other body at the scene Didn’t see the shame didn’t didn’t think I had to see I’m just as much to blame The only difference is she had the keys Now we know what the consequences of our actions mean Life is cold and you don’t know it till you lack the heat We go slow and we both show it when we pass the streets On the road staying so focused Sitting strapped in seats And it’s more motive knowing it all can repeat We chose growing all this did was plant the seed All those moments spent at the rehab and we Go toward the only way we can be freed Bridge: Now it ain’t like how it was then But we wouldn’t change it for nothin' And we keep the memory close by And I love that we both know why Even if they don’t know This, that Yeah, should’ve done this Yeah, whoa Should’ve done that I’ve been told What if it- yeah I don’t know Talking 'bout x2
Waited 03:14
Hook: I put aside any kind of fun cuz I was waiting up for the one but Nothing ended up happening, nothing And I let every opportunity by Even though I knew what I was doing wasn't right And I got nothing out of it, I got nothing If I just didn't whine about what I need then I'd probably have what I want Don't tell me how to run myself, I can run I can run Verse 1: I had a dream I rubbed the lamp, I made a wish Heard that you was rolling with a big shot Need a lift I’m pulling on the rickshaw I’m the guinea pig, y'know that makes me pissed off I just hit a brick wall, I just hit my sixth call, Got no written response That’s how it is huh? Wish I wasn’t this lost but I had no hints dropped Putting pieces where they fit hun you a jigsaw I keep thinking that you left me on pause Fillers start to fill up all our empty long walks Items that I’d give ya are already long gone And I bet you had to hit up every sketchy pawnshop Just to get rid of my scent I’ve been in my head A lot of people coming Think they’re coming for my neck I was waiting up so much I never wondered why you left I’m the one that everyone’s just kinda running from I guess So I guess Hook Verse 2: Took one step in the journey And then you looked back Whenever you did me that dirty You made me look bad Can’t believe I let it burn me I never should have I’m living and learning But all of that’s whooping my ass And I had a fit I can admit I was a child And a bigot Had no desire but I had to give in I was always so idle and that was a big problem In which knew I had to fix My bad habits on repeat and this I knew had to mix Had to change it up in hopes that you would notice Are we breaking up or no? I need to know this If I was raking up that dough then we’d be loaded But I guess you were saving up for more and think I’d blow it Whoever said pain is love is nothing but a bonehead You just moved away into a what? and wait it’s coed? It’s like everything you’re saying to me’s making no sense Turning me away while I was busy making no friends Hook
Deluzional 03:25
Verse 1: I wonder where you are Cuz you fell off the radar And me, I’m always armed I shoot my shot just like an AR Can’t tell if you are hard to get or you just like to play hard Cuz I would give an arm and leg but you just like to break hearts I know it’s kind of nutty if I say that I felt a spark Like butterflies in tummies or like trees with both our names carved But I don’t want somebody if it’s just the talking stage part You make me feel like a fucking walking graveyard Hook: Do you like me? What the fuck Do you like me? What the fuck Verse 2: You like to draw So now I fucking hate art No wait Grab my jaw Yeah like it when you take charge And if I have it wrong Well, that’s my kind of my trademark I listen to my heart What’s the fun in being brain smart? Tell me what you want I don’t care if what you say’s harsh Cold then maybe hot Walk with sandals and like eight scarves Sometimes I feel lost In my head just tryna chase stars And sometimes I’m a dog But I bet we got the same bark And I don’t understand Why the fuck you wouldn’t want me I’m a fucking catch I get hotter when I talk mean I wanna be the artist that’ll Pop up in your top three The image you see often when you go unlock your lock-screen You motherfucking bitch You talk your shit so nonchalantly Don’t act like everything you post is something I do not see Cuz I see everything I see everything On god’s green Earth Don’t act like what I send you You do not read Verse 3: You’ve been on my mind forever Ever since that night together Faded, faded, faded So there’s not a lot that I remember You were kind of fake so all my friends don’t know why I defend ya But regret, I hate and wonder where and what it might’ve led to I might be delusional But I think that i’m twice as better As the people that you date and like I’m like the right contender Right in front of you If you could see it, you’d say "I surrender" I would say I like you and then strap you to a lie detector I’m batshit crazy And I got the highest temper I am so in love with bitches who don’t show the slightest effort Bitches who hate me Bitches spotty like a leopard Bitches with a body that a hundred bodies might’ve entered


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released August 28, 2020

Written by: Lucy Camp for Clearly Luz (ASCAP)
Produced By: Peter Anthony Red for QN5 Music (ASCAP)
©2020 QUINTIC. All Rights Reserved.


all rights reserved



Lucy Camp San Jose, California

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