Summer Camp [EP]

by Lucy Camp

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Follow the project @ #summercampXO - Summer nights of summer love set against an ocean breeze and sundown synthwave. End of summer vibes from Lucy Camp. An exclusive for the camp.


released August 31, 2018

Written by: Lucy Camp
Produced by: Peter Anthony Red
Artwork: Pedro Tapa (IG: @pedrotapa)
©2018 QUINTIC. All Rights Reserved.


all rights reserved



Lucy Camp San Jose, California

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Track Name: Summer Love
"Summer Love"

My summer love
Summer’s almost up
Just be my summer love
Till the summer’s almost up

You are
My one and only
only, only, only

My summer love
My summer’s almost done
Don’t leave my summer love
My love, my love
For now you’re what I want my love

For now don't
Let me be lonely
For the moment
That you hold me
I won’t let you get too cozy
In the end
You’re gonna have to let go of me
And i’ll never tell you something that I don’t mean
But for now I want your loving so just
Don’t leave
Don’t leave
Don’t leave

My summer love, summer love.
Track Name: Lies

I’m a lover but with no contact
A sold soul but with no contracts
All my life, live a lie
Living like I don’t know I’m mad
Let’s be lovers and not go beyond that
Can’t be lovers if we go beyond that
I’ll hide, I’ll hide
Loving someone honest, don’t we want that?
Lust, love, break it apart
A little love bite, ima make it a scar
Live it up right, I can’t fake it i’m sorry
Fake it i’m sorry, I've been playing your heart
Oh I’m
Playing my cards
Watch where you step when you play in my yard
I’m gonna get what I say I’m gonna get
When i say i’m gonna get
That’s the way that it starts

I’m a filthy liar
Know it’s bad but
I just wanna have fun
I’m a filthy liar
And that’s sad cuz
I don’t care I am one

When I see you undress
A little bit of my mind
Don’t understand what that’s like
Won’t understand lust till it dies
Should really use lust as a high
Get loose
And do what i’ve done to survive
Can’t have one without one on the side
Said i’m stupid
Like i’m one the guys
Hating how i’m inattentive
Hate to say my name
Won’t even say it in a sentence
All that pent up anger’s you displaying your defenses
I already know so you explaining it’s offensive
Yeah I know what I did
I’m no saint but you’re no heaven
If I’m on the earth and it was meant to walk
I’ll get my steps in
Why would I give you my word
Not even god gets my confessions
So don’t try to make it work
Cuz I’ll be plotting till i’m dead and it’ll be because
Track Name: Disguise

Running, running
For my life
She’s the devil
She’s the devil
In disguise
I run and I run and I run
She does what she does
Yeah, she does

Palm to the face
Can’t stand this
Can’t be calm in the wake of this madness
I’m a pawn in the game of your antics
And I fall for your vain ways and tricks
You were made out of Grade A elastic
You bounce back and I break at the last bit
Bounced back on the break from our last split
Ouch, yeah, pain from the ass kick
Saving the taste from the last lips
Trade DNA but we can’t since
Strangers are taking their chances
The closer to you would be placing me at risk
Make me wave up a hand fist
Heart void
It’s amazing the vastness
I keep chasing the past
Forgetting that i’m also chasing the absence

Much afraid to give in
Tell you what I want but I phrase it different
If this is what you want then don’t say it isn’t
In the future you’ll get caught in the same position
Ride around your block like the pain is hidden
Long communications with the strangest women
Ruby is your color, got a strange suspicion
Princess of the dark into Satanism
Soul looking sunken
Hasn’t sunk in
Go through life and it might be missing something
Has me sucked in
I was sucked thin
You’re my type but you're kind of missing substance
Catching eyes and my mind it kind of does spins
Trash guys and you find them in the dust bins
Met you twice, I’ve been on the run since
Think twice, both of us have done this
Track Name: In The Night
Holding onto
The shadow that showers me with love
I don’t want noon
Just want to spend hours deep in love
Hard to count or think
Or how to speak
Or vow to see
The sun
Let’s go out, I mean it
I don’t
Wanna be
Down this evening uh
Pound and bleed for what?
Wanna be sound asleep let’s
Touch mouths and see what’s up

In the night
All my moments like ‘em better in the
In the night
Only time we get together‘s in the
In the night
Touching you gets way, way better when it’s
In the night
In the night

Something 'bout it
Makes me
Want to see you
Makes me
Want to need you
But I only seem to
In the

Nights are better in the dead of
Like the way your bed is set up
Dancing silhouettes do duets
Let’s do do it in no get up
Said something at ten and then ya
Got me at eleven when the
Moon was in a state of beauty
I just had to lift my head up
Every time we kiss I get a
Feeling I can’t skip ahead of
I just need the night and you but I don’t know if it’ll let us
Never know if it’ll let us
If it'll let us
I know that the day don’t like us
But the night would if it met us
Track Name: Stars (feat. Neko Pink)
"Stars (feat. Neko Pink)"

First, I get a hey and a hello
Do you love me?
I tell you hell no
Say “I’m never going anywhere without ya”
And you’re threatening to leave
Well, go!
You don’t even know me that well, so
You prolly plan to sit around and self loathe
Funny when you get mad and your voice gets high
Got you sounding like the human Elmo
Can I at least call you on the phone?
Got my hand looking like a road
Man I don’t care cuz that’s your
Life to you been so, so wrong
Tell me that you want like a whole lot
Wait, wait a second
Wait a minute
Hold on
I don’t think I can let this go on
But if I don’t I’m​....

I’m a monster because
I don’t want your love
Well you won’t get far
When you aim for the stars

Then you switch it up and take it all back
When you were begging to be hanging like a wall plaque
I wouldn’t hit ya
When you called i never called back
I wouldn’t hit ya even with a baseball bat
You send a message and it’s crazy cuz it’s all bad
Like "argh argh argh" - y'know, all mad
Like paragraph after paragraph and another paragraph
You didn’t have to say all that
Want my love but i can’t deliver
You’re not somebody I would have for dinner
I can’t even swim but the second that you dip your toes in
I become the fastest swimmer
I go way past beginner
In the water doing laps till winter
Boohoo yeah cry
I'm not going to ask why
Don’t expect me to man the river like

You don’t make
Any, any sense to me
If you don’t get your way
Don’t get your way
From me
Then I’m mean
Track Name: Marigolds (feat. Peter Anthony Red)
So now you'll say goodbye to me
But I don't know if you could be my love
So, I will see to you
While I'm with someone so brand new
So, Goodbye.
I'm gonna see you real soon.
So, Goodbye.
These marigolds are for you.
So, Goodbye.
I'm gonna see you real soon.
So, Goodbye.
These marigolds are for you.

Hold these marigolds.
Hold these marigolds.
Hold these marigolds.
These marigolds are for you.

Hold these marigolds.
Hold these marigolds.
Hold these marigolds.
These marigolds are all for you.

For you.
For you.
These marigolds are all for you.

Seasons I just cycle through them
Don’t care what it means I do what
Like and if it hurts you inside
I might never bring the truth to light
Leave it out, soon to die
My eyes can’t see me and you for life
My eyes can’t see nothing who am I
My eyes can’t see nothing who am I

In a world where nothing is forever
And the change is known where there’s a shift in weather
It’s an awful feeling, it’s sadistic pleasure
I like it so much that it’s too big to measure
Said it is whatever, I just did whatever
We just kissed whatever, it’s a kiss whatever
I’ll commit to never, I’ll commit to never
I’ll admit I never, I’ll admit I’ll never, never, never

And we say a long goodbye
as we say hello to the fall
And we say a long goodbye
as we say hello to the fall

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