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Whispers [EP]

by Lucy Camp

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The second EP by Lucy Camp, WHISPERS is a collection of sweepingly cinematic tracks focused on self-discovery and confronting negative relationships. With additional vocal work by Fjer and production by Hectic Zeniths, Peter Anthony Red and AJ Rice, 'WHISPERS' signals a distinctive growth in her sound from her debut, Down Talk.


released July 21, 2017

Written by Lucy Camp.
Executive Producer: Peter Anthony Red for QUINTIC.
©2017 QUINTIC. All Rights Reserved.
Additional vocals by: Fjer
Production by: Hectic Zeniths, AJ Rice and Peter Anthony Red.


all rights reserved



Lucy Camp San Jose, California

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Track Name: Voices
The loud background voice
Turns into background voices
I'm trying to keep up with the number
But you can't count noises
When you're the only one counting
So a hand count's pointless
They're wrong about you, all signs say “no” but all hands out point “yes”
Mutter as the coward does
Turn the buzz from downward, up
That's the way to get attention
God knows they haven't found enough
Knots of lies that wound the brush
Rob the mind of a sound sleep
Meant to get my mouth to hush
But they won't say them loud to me
Track Name: Whispers
Lucy Camp - Whispers (Feat. Fjer)

Verse 1:
My violent terms are momentous
Not real but they could've been eventful, they could've been essential
They could've been effective
But we won't know the consequences
We won't know what the outcome would've been
Had I not've been a non-aggressive little girl who cross s's
Dreams of getting out of a four walled room cuz it's not expensive
Tryna get out you know
Not follow the route you go
You looking at me like I’m looking like I just did a pound of coke
Checking on me I am never checking you so what you browsing for?
I could wreck record and my vow is sworn
Promise you won't be the one I call
I never think of you at all you aren't even my last resort
I bounce most quicker than the hop in the hip
Flow thicker, floating, I'm going off when I dip
Me at the top drop plop when I hit
You can't drop from the bottom of it
Not probable kid, quit
I teach a thing or two I've taught all of this shit
You getting tossed out the district
Turn into a number in the crop of
Standing beneath the light I can't the stand the bulb
What you wanna be the one I write about?
It’s highly unlikely it's even more doubtable
Amounting to zero's so count the o's
Sounding like weirdos whose mouths won't close
Shut up isn't gonna do a thing I swear to god I need to get my shit right now for those
Who don't know, useless
Alicia silverstone, clueless
What do you mean I'm newbie when you know d-damn well that I introduced this
Gotta be fucking kidding me no wonder nobody is ever coming with improvements
Need to s-o-s cuz I'm just like f-o-x
I'm just bad news bitch

Verse 2:
You know what a carcass is?
They got a coffin waiting fit for your departure trip
Up in the glove compartment they got a list you're at the start of it
Maybe you're not about what you spit but based off what your bars consist
Your mouth's where you throw garbage in
Artery clogging phrases
Bargaining off my wages
Take what I have when you want it and you never had to work for it
Sparkling pop champagne when
You just want the praises sorry but pardon me I'm not patient
This is exactly what comes out of messing with artists
You become the target I aim with
What did you think
I was gonna do when you left?
Sit around knuckles up to my chest?
Yeah uh some of you don't impress
Offering to pay me for some lyrical debauchery to lower my self esteem
You should've known I never do what I am told gonna prove it you now I'm the next thing
And the best one, forget it I am destined
I make friends with your girl be the best of
She don't like girls but I'm the exception
A whole new world bring her into my dimension
I ring her and attention is brought onto me
Like I guess you could say I'm “singer” did I mention?
You don't like rap? Me either I'm against it
Change who you are just to keep her interested

Verse 3:
Superiority wherever the fuck I am
Super defensive, you were defensive looking to up my hand
You had a sense of all of my abilities
You know what I can
Do and what ya'll have been giving me's not really skillfully done
So try again
You won't, you might, perhaps
I'm thinking the reason you lie's for laughs
It bothers your more than it should
Cuz nobody tells you if you're even good for tracks
And you gotta make up a story about me to them like “she don't write her raps”
Like it’s really that hard to believe that I don't need a guy for that
So irritable, better be praying for a miracle
Clearing the coast
Yeah you got the team and money but that's just as far as appearances go
You think it's nothing I'm serious though
Really does matter you'd rather take after the one before you
Just to be the one after and keep on repeating the pattern of their inexperienced flows
That's bullshit
When you reek defeat
Might as well throw in the towel, teepee the tree
The level that you're on is nothing but a tbt
I've already been there before it's easy to be
Don't come and act like I'm knee beneath
Don't fucking hand your cd to me
Get to serving ‘em all, turn to Kermit the frog
I fucking have to preheat the tea
Getcha particularly finicky
Suggest an extracurricular activity
I must offend some, you really think I'm into me?
You fucking betcha, I'm feeling the epitome
Of one's attention
I want it till infinity
My skill is simply doing the thing of taking flight
And if you really wanna put my name in your mouth then the least you could is say it right
Track Name: Low
Lucy Camp - Low (Produced by Hectic Zeniths)

Verse 1:
Never lay a finger on her
I said never lay a finger on her
Booze breath, getting really mean
It means you want her
Seen her on her belly, back, and seen her when she's seen her father
Acting like you be the father
Dance around the subject
Year and then a plié, pirouette, jete with a mirror set, pique while you're near the end no delay When your knees are bent
The week days disappear and then
A decade and I fear the rest of each day
We're eating because he paid
Money means everything that he say
Twenty just to behave
“I will pull the car over won't hesitate
I swear you that you don't really wanna test me on the freeway”
Henny on a v-day,
We were always celebrating Jenny on my bday so it never felt like me-day
Kinda silly memories that we don't replay
Fuck you but I won't put you in jeopardy, anyway
That's some shadiness
Mama dating men who really don't know what a baby is
Here we go again, better keep your radius
I don't like your friend
Do you even know what age he is?
Type of man to hate a gay enough to just say sapiens
Kinda phony, kinda funny
Alimony, all me money
Give it to me and pneumonia through sickness matrimony
And these bitches that all know me but you know that you're the only one
So you ain't gotta worry bout nothing
Your lips must do cross country cuz
They both really be running
ily if you don't why the fuck do you keep coming
Back again
Pretty soon we'll become antonyms
Every night I go crazy start imagining
You leaving me and you go back to him
Mama why's always gotta be that way
You know how fuckin mad I get, get, get
Are you a man or what?
So you touch a woman with your hands and what?
I would hit the door and you would slam it shut
Fuckin with me when I could afford to be acting up
Now they’re gone, family is average
Those are the people that you have to love
And if, I was to act like I was that above
That's it, send me on my way and I be packing up
Okay, little girl i was
I was like can I come?
Go away
Taught me how to listen to the people I would
You were like how long will love me? I said
You know that you love me but that's something that you won't say x3

And why am I so tolerant of handling the space
With me traveling in place
And you rattling my cage
It's quiet when I talk to you
My back against your face
I won't laugh if you get wasted, that is not the case
I like it when I'm alone I just hate it when you don't
Think you gon make me lose my hope
You know this lady can't be broke
No I can't wait for you I won't
No I can’t wait for you
I won’t

I can't be low

Ending verse:
Can't be the one to hold my hand
Don't hold my hand you didn't offer
But I know that if you did the holy water would come raining down upon me
And the one and only daughter that you ever knew resembles someone else
You only want her
When she's something other than herself
Cutting others better help
Say that you got something to say
Fucking tell her then yourself
Lucky if you get the chance to love her cuz she's never felt
A thing for anyone and I promise you she never will
Track Name: Salt (feat. Fjer)
Lucy Camp - Salt (Feat. Fjer)

Verse 1:
Sodium my love
Water and salt to clean out your mouth
I be that custodian my love
Your friends can't see us if they're not around
Not real if we cannot see them my love
Hide me like a disease or virus
If you think that they could even find us
But I don't care if they don't agree with it love
Any detail, I'll find out
Cuz see when a female is lied ‘bout
There is only headaches, cheap smiles, and timeouts
Y’know, nacl’s what I'm ‘bout
Nacl’s what I'm bout
When he begs and kneels when I'm ‘round
I can't help but feel like I'm tied down
I'm so nacl and tired now
Back, back then
We had to pick and choose
I had nothing, he had the bigger shoes
You aint shit, what is happening to you?
You don't get I did what I had to do
I got a bad habit too, it's my attachment to you
You fall in love with harassment
I’m gonna ask you to sue
I don't care say it I'm practice
Honey if that's what you need to get through
If that's what it takes to be equal to you
Then I'll be the warm up, adrenal gland too
Like what? like wise
Get away with it like wise guys
Nah, get away with it like white guys
Only wanna know me in the night, night time
Under those sheets, go beddy bye
Salt intake is so heavy, why
You get so Drake when you're getting high
You can't have cake and confetti
You always say hey then never mind
You think I take from you every time
But how can I take what’s already mine?
How can I take what’s already mine?

Hook (Fjer):
Underneath this skin, wounds are open, raw -
You’re the reason, I choose the shortest straw
You love the taste of the salt in my palms
Your tears will taste like salt in my palms

Verse 2:
Unable to find the part that does care more
'Twas us therefore
You’re tryna get buzzed you swear pour you some
Ain't no thing as fair war
And so we ring on their door
Hoping they don't think I'm a
But if they do then I guess that we’re meeting in the room
in which they sleep and their floor
What happened, happened?
Damn this dude wanna act like slick
Wanna act like this, move fast, seismic
Believe we're acrobatics
So we grab his broom, break in half, nightstick
Snake attack might hiss
Wake him in the night time, take aback might piss
Like oh my-oh my god you had to panic
Oh my god with your profanity
Don't use god in vanity
Like aren't you sick of sanity?
Broke hearts make music through agony
We should get lit and admit some shit we wouldn't in reality
You could've been it, but damn it we
Acted so stupid, it had to be, had to be,
Having me waiting to be knocked down
Or till a person pull me
Why the hell does my ass take everything so personally?
Measure our wealth in self love but hell love we do like jewelry
I'm selfish so if you have me just know you can't have me fully
Anything goes, I knew this
So open with each other like nudists
If it was me or god i'm almost pretty positive you'd choose him
And that's not to be accusing
I just don't want him I want you, shit
I thought I made that conclusive
I got my payback you lose bitch
“You'll never change” that's what's you said
You stuck in my ear like glued q tips
I’ma run out of here like school shootings
Salty tears so diluted
Don't live in your delusions
All of my friends were like fuck you and I just made up excuses
No labels we are exclusive
Turn the tables

Hook (Fjer):
Underneath this skin, wounds are open, raw -
You’re the reason, I choose the shortest straw
You love the taste of the salt in my palms
Your tears will taste like salt in my palms
Track Name: Found
Lucy Camp - Found (Produced by AJ Rice)

Tell me how many of us can be found
Are they happy now?
We're only given all them hand me downs
All them hand me downs
And I don't want to be another family noun
Another family noun
You can tell I'm mad if you ask me now
So don't ask me now

Verse 1:
10 months, now we're going on a year
I can't tell the difference from my love and my fear
Whether you are in it is above me
I handled it roughly but I think you'd love being here
Drop me at my avenue and fuck your career
Why you growin up so fast and nothing isn't enough
And nothing isn't enough
And nothing is clear
Guess you'd rather be with someone other it's clear
No I'll leave the problem and I'll be the problem
I don't even want to meet it not in my completed region column
I can see my freedom falling just like all these leaves in autumn
I hope one day you can learn that you don't really need him mama
And when that day it comes you can come and see your daughter
She's no longer sitting on her neighbors teeter totter
She'll believe in you so bad she could even be the martyr
Be the martyr, sh-she could even be the martyr

Fuck around
You fuck around too much

Verse 2:
I’ve been livid
I’ve been living in a hole
It took a lot of me
It took a little bit soul
I cannot run away you know that's never been my goal
But that's the way it happened you know
You know how I roll
We were never happy we were never one of those
All those perky families that you see in all those shows
I know I'm getting sappy
All my shit is gettin old
But you gotta be happy so I gotta let you grow
Gotta let you grow, see I gotta let you grow
Can you take it like a pro
You were not like this before
Why you asking me for more?
Funny how a high can really get you down and feeling low
And what do you mean I'm not the one cuz
The world is so vast and I sleep on the dust
I'm your girl from the past and I see more than us
And what do you mean by we are we way too young and
And what do you mean I'm not the one cuz
The world is so vast and I sleep on the dust
I'm your girl from the past and I see more than us
And what do you mean by we are we way too young and

Tell me how many of us can be found
Are they happy now?
We're only given all them hand me downs
All them hand me downs
And I don't want to be another family noun
Another family noun
You can tell I'm mad if you ask me now
So don't ask me now

I feel like you'd be happy if
I feel like you'd be happy if
I feel like you'd be happy if
I disappeared
I disappeared x4
Track Name: The Heart Dies
Lucy Camp - The Heart Dies (Produced by Peter Anthony Red)

All of her friends are
Not really what friends are
Pop pilly and then head to the bar to get their head start
Looking for love in the rubbing of genitals moving onto the next heart
She wasn't putting them down but none of them put her up when she fell hard
Or sent her a get well card
Or said they see her arms are clean but in that soul there's self harm
The city never felt far
She can't recall the last she saw herself and health starve
It just evolved as she grew taller, life felt less large
People got less smart, evil grew bigger
The gaps between the years between her peers would need to differ
Everyone's got different sides to them
That's why you see them glimmer
At the same time see them dimmer
Different than you see in pictures
The sight of wrinkles
If she ends up at a job just making fives and singles
They gon’ ask the Spanish chick like are you bi or lingual?
To which she'll laugh it off, they say they like illegals
On behalf of all the dumbest whitest people
This getting older shit is so upsetting to her
Forgetting who you were when you knew who you were
She says it's getting to her
The last time she fell in love no one was ready for her
She had fallen early at that point it was like many hurt her
Not many heard her when she screamed ‘bout getting murdered
And was standing with no scratches
Say this girl makes every word up
Introduce her to new faces she will welcome any burglar
They gon’ take and take and take and leave her empty then return her
What's your name love? They tell her she should use her heart and not her brain love
But it aches so much and they just say the same stuff
Hardly going out without a doubt puts her head down
She says see that's stuff that she's ashamed of
They don't see the problem that she sees
The savagery, living amongst these human casualties
Having to say that she's giving it up to man of needs
When the man just needs to back the fuck up out her face
And leave her ass in peace
Instead of all the flaws,
Not only you she's gotta worry ‘bout your entourage
You're always in and out and out and in, you cotton swab
Money was never a problem was it?
Funny that people get robbed by budgets
Losing someone costs a lot
What once was is no longer
Kids move onto bigger doctors
Making big or little dollars
She just wasn't fit for posture
No she cannot stand up straight
And last of all she didn't offer
Repeating her jokes and getting more laughs while they're ripping off her
Sit upwardly
She's gotta watch the way she talks
It's unfunny
You gotta know someone that knows someone to be someone to somebody
Drug buddies and fuck buddies the company is from hobbies
You see there is no special reason
Better not show your showing feelings
Cannot let them see it
If they do they'll know that you're a human being
She's so heartless when she passes they will put her in museums
Take away the life of struggle and say she was european
Right when it's done
The pounding of chest no longer rides the rhythm
Thump thump thump thump
Call the line no pick up
Just the voice from a mouth of a
Body with no one around
No one inside to be missin now
The was pain was disemboweled
When her name was said out loud
Her name was mispronounced
They get faded at her burial grounds
Every girl frowns but not every girl's down
Not every girl's lost and not every girl's found
Who will handle it if she can't handle it?
Being the adult in
Every situation is a battle when
People test your patience wanna ask you how you're managing
And if you can remember the first letters to the alphabet
She's not a kid anymore
She's not going through those hardships anymore
Cuz guess what she's not the heart's bitch anymore
And she won't care about the darkness anymore.

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