by Lucy Camp

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I don’t limp walk
I pimp walk
Got the kinda music that you might've binged on
Got a big heart
Like grinch got
I didn't wanna be a student so I switched up
Slept on a 75 inch cot
1 year on that made thy bitch strong
I know others that could never do it
Without being saltier than the kind that you pinch off
Small girl
But energy big shlong
Y'know short
or thick, thin, long
Full force
And I still ain’t got no hit song
But I record, I do it in the car and it’s bomb
Got bored of brunette so I did blonde
More mature in my step, yeah that kid’s gone
I mean if there was a problem they would say it to my face right?
Right, I don’t even have to respond
I got metal in me now
And I probably got too many friendemies to count
They ain’t real
*I could see the jealousy get out*
The playing field
*I don’t feel like leveling it down*
I’m too good
They tremble at the knees
*They watch*
I do
*Like I said a wedding vow*
I’m dope
*I’m an addict*
I’m percs
*No wait*
*No percs*
No percs
*I was heading in that route*
But then I got straight
Pockets they were lighter but uh then they got weight
I became a writer then my pen it caught flame
If I was any tighter then my hand would pop veins
No co-sign or a check by name
But I’ll never let a number spend a sec in my brain
I’m not behind, I’m ahead of my lane
You can get by just don’t get in my way

Come my way
And when you come my way
And when you come way

And when you come way

I go hard
And I’m not soft
And I go hard
And I’m not soft


released December 5, 2020
Written by Lucy Camp for Clearly Luz (ASCAP)
Produced by: Peter Anthony Red for QN5 Music (ASCAP)
©2020 QUINTIC.CO. All Rights Reserved.


all rights reserved



Lucy Camp San Jose, California

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