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Shake It Baby

from by Lucy Camp

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Lucy Camp - Shake It Baby

Verse 1:
So many of them think that I need need need need need
But I already have what I want and what you got is not for me
Don't give me what's left, talk that cheap
Water too depth I don't walk that deep
Don't you understand I don't spot back seats
My eyes to the front if they're not at me
Don't get too cocky to me to get behind me
I'm quick to move my body before they ever blind me
Never knew what I needed but I wanted my thing
Better you than I to receive it definitely
Take you to a time where you never had a right, see
Never not had a right, living on your high seat
Better off satellite, sittin with the night team
Hittin on the stars, fucking at a light speed
I am much much more than assumptions more than just some dumb poor girl
They never knew enough about to give a fuck for
I tell them I'm someone, not someone's award
If anything I’m winning you could check the score bitch
Views controversial like a rock performance
And I'm making it hurtful got ‘em rockin’ torches
Coming up out the circle cuz my thoughts are formless
Telling me what to do is not option nor is it
A probable thing so stop the torment
Yes I'm bringing the jokes like I’m law enforcement
Your run of the mill kind of nonconformist
My self esteem it just got enormous
They ain't helping me they are not supportive
Especially when it's extra deep, and though technically
I don't ask them what they want cuz it's not important

Verse 2:
When I do get so upset
It's like lighter to fuel to the sunset
Start a riot too ‘till there's bloodshed
Leave behind no clues and no suspects
I'm the type to prove that my success
Means that I refuse to put trust in
The kind of dudes who think
I could use all of my time to get my screws adjusted
Crazy, try pulling something
Shame me, blind fool in public
But I don't play into games not your little mind controlled puppet
Do it all alone anyhow
All my life just been fucked with
Once you are in you are never getting out
Cuz I'm so tired of the shoving
One on one
They got no control of me
Hoping I'll leave, hoping I'll never meet the goal that I'll reach
Cuz I am the woman in control and it makes them a bit vulnerable emotionally
A little bit hurt, in the middle mid verse
I switch it up, always been the one to disturb
It'll get bad before it get gets worse
I don't feel bad they ain't getting rid of this pers, this person
Man I've been misinterpreted
They twists all my words and then
Me versus them, been a bitch since birth since I first showed assertiveness
Since I just know my worth and shit
And my fate been my fate so ultimately I am the one who determines it


from Down Talk [EP], released April 20, 2016
Written By: Lucy Camp
Produced By: GrandRiggity
Additional Instrumentation: Peter Anthony Red


all rights reserved



Lucy Camp San Jose, California

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