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The Heart Dies

by Lucy Camp

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Lucy Camp returns with a massively gorgeous synthwave epic recounting the trials and tribulations of a young woman in progress.


All of her friends are
Not really what friends are
Pop pilly and then head to the bar to get their head start
Looking for love in the rubbing of genitals moving onto the next heart
She wasn't putting them down but none of them put her up when she fell hard
Or sent her a get well card
Or said they see her arms are clean but in that soul there's self harm
The city never felt far
She can't recall the last she saw herself and health starve
It just evolved as she grew taller, life felt less large
People got less smart, evil grew bigger
The gaps between the years between her peers would need to differ
Everyone's got different sides to them
That's why you see them glimmer
At the same time see them dimmer
Different than you see in pictures
The sight of wrinkles
If she ends up at a job just making fives and singles
They gon’ ask the Spanish chick like are you bi or lingual?
To which she'll laugh it off, they say they like illegals
On behalf of all the dumbest whitest people
This getting older shit is so upsetting to her
Forgetting who you were when you knew who you were
She says it's getting to her
The last time she fell in love no one was ready for her
She had fallen early at that point it was like many hurt her
Not many heard her when she screamed ‘bout getting murdered
And was standing with no scratches
Say this girl makes every word up
Introduce her to new faces she will welcome any burglar
They gon’ take and take and take and leave her empty then return her
What's your name love? They tell her she should use her heart and not her brain love
But it aches so much and they just say the same stuff
Hardly going out without a doubt puts her head down
She says see that's stuff that she's ashamed of
They don't see the problem that she sees
The savagery, living amongst these human casualties
Having to say that she's giving it up to man of needs
When the man just needs to back the fuck up out her face
And leave her ass in peace
Instead of all the flaws,
Not only you she's gotta worry ‘bout your entourage
You're always in and out and out and in, you cotton swab
Money was never a problem was it?
Funny that people get robbed by budgets
Losing someone costs a lot
What once was is no longer
Kids move onto bigger doctors
Making big or little dollars
She just wasn't fit for posture
No she cannot stand up straight
And last of all she didn't offer
Repeating her jokes and getting more laughs while they're ripping off her
Sit upwardly
She's gotta watch the way she talks
It's unfunny
You gotta know someone that knows someone to be someone to somebody
Drug buddies and fuck buddies the company is from hobbies
You see there is no special reason
Better not show your showing feelings
Cannot let them see it
If they do they'll know that you're a human being
She's so heartless when she passes they will put her in museums
Take away the life of struggle and say she was european
Right when it's done
The pounding of chest no longer rides the rhythm
Thump thump thump thump
Call the line no pick up
Just the voice from a mouth of a
Body with no one around
No one inside to be missin now
The was pain was disemboweled
When her name was said out loud
Her name was mispronounced
They get faded at her burial grounds
Every girl frowns but not every girl's down
Not every girl's lost and not every girl's found
Who will handle it if she can't handle it?
Being the adult in
Every situation is a battle when
People test your patience wanna ask you how you're managing
And if you can remember the first letters to the alphabet
She's not a kid anymore
She's not going through those hardships anymore
Cuz guess what she's not the heart's bitch anymore
And she won't care about the darkness anymore.


released March 30, 2017
Written by: Lucy Camp
Produced by: Peter Anthony Red for QUINTIC
©2017 QUINTIC. All Rights Reserved.


all rights reserved



Lucy Camp San Jose, California

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