S'Mores Vol. 1

by Lucy Camp

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I’m not one to deceive For me, the truth's a breeze Fake for what and fake for who? It ain't for you it seems Look I didn’t stay in school Cuz I had music dreams Spitting to the point of making drool You could view the streams I’m into blue and pink I’m not what you would think Spanish si entiendo but the language, I don’t fluent speak Rapping con los viejos they be praying 'bout if Luz can link Lacking sentimientos cuz I don’t wait on a dude or ring Friendship or move it, king Mention me to your shrink When I am presente, all eyes on me, ain’t no room to blink She be telling gente all these lies and letting rumors leak And she be like heh heh heh but I know that hoe won’t do a thing Not into choosing teams I know that she likes me, I can tell I feel it through her jeans 1 hoe’s not enough, it won’t go well I need like 2 at least She left me to be all by myself She said she's through with me One month later I fucked someone else cuz I human needs And that superhuman speed Said she wants to make a tape I shoot her with my lumix g Said she’s mad she's gaining weight and how there ain’t no room for me That ass so fat I ate the cake and now there ain’t no room to eat Bridge: Testing me, every day is the same Let a motherfucker talk Let ‘em say what they say Fuck being told to stay in my lane You should know that rock bottom’s where I stay, yeah I sank Hook: When they go high I go low When they go high yeah baby I go low If they go high I go low I go low I go low I say no problem Because I am the solution queen Told I’m ill so often that it might just turn my mucus green I am not at all like y’all I probably got a mutant gene When I fix my lips to talk, it splits then starts quadrupling In 2022 if you met me I’d be holding someone’s key, doing a b-u-m-p I would do it publicly Then pay zero USD Cuz everyone that fucks with me’s a fuckin fiend as you can see If this music thing don’t work then I’m gon need a new plan b But I rep CAMPXO for life, for me that is my true family Got the tatted logo like it’s too late to remove the ink If I don’t get this whole shit right then y’all may lose a true emcee I cannot control myself whenever I get too angry Life would be much easier if I had that down to a T Anyone who’s got it out for me, to y’all I say Fuck the bigger person, I'm the type of bitch to drop down to a knee Bridge Hook
Run With It 02:36
I never had it like they had it never had it like they had it So I had to make it happen (Never) Verse 1 Todos mis amigos say they love me Feel like I seen as many needles as a drug fiend I done met so many people in the club scene People that all act like they lead a life of luxury Never trust the people that I meet in this industry Even if it’s family and we bleed in the same blood stream We are not a family when competing it’s no us thing Call me lumber jack way they seen the way I cut trees I’m a little player I don’t know what being cuffed means Men like my raps and the women like my cuffed jeans I’m a snack but I only give a crumb piece Wanna do a track? you should know that it won’t come free And no more pills Just some water in my cup please I’m way hotter than y’all thought y’all want some sunscreen? Bitches bothered, turn their caras into kush green You know ima get it if I wanna cuz i’m the queen Hook: Uhh I wanna see you come with it Be real, be raw, be one with it Uhh I want to hear that uhh in it Wanna feel That drop That punch in it Uhh You don’t wanna see me come with it Cuz when I move, they move, they run with it Move, move and jump with it I wanna see you move, move and jump with it Verse 2: Like Dracula you bite Like tell me are you really rapping what you write? Just because you write don’t mean the rap you do is right When the writing sounds like raps that I wrote back in junior high Bummy skill While my skill is suit and tie Fifteen in 2012 and on my music grind There was nothing else on earth I wanted more than music time You could call me stupid but I know that’s code for stupid nice Or Smooth, charismatic You could never be annoyed at it Working till i cannot hear the sound of all my joints cracking Coin stackin, I was always sending every boy packin Had to keep the focus on not being unemployed rappin’ Going at it, at it Like an addict Stamina, put effort in whatever they were lacking What I had was never better but much better than they had it Nothing handed to me ever so I had t make it happen I never had it like they had it never had it like they had it So I had to make it happen (Never)
Even Steven 02:41
Verse 1: Girl you can keep your man and all Do the marriage thing, raise a kid, y'know have a ball To be honest, I’m not even mad at y’all But you’ve been seeing say things about me and I ain’t that involved Like girl We’re supposed to act adult Why are you even trippin' 'bout a woman that he hasn’t called With your fists up, looking like you bout to brawl This is just like opening a wound and then adding salt God damn Now I know you’re insecure But you best be careful what you’re wishing for I am not a name you want to drag into the mud cuz I’ll go kickin doors You could have your beef, I’ll bring the kitchen forks Let me lay it out for you, this is your vision board Ain’t no future if I’m in it you’ve been misinformed Throwing hands, ima do it till your fit is torn All this for a man I ain’t pursuing Please forgive her lord, bitch is bored Hook: Girl wait now hold up, I don’t need him (Girl, you know I don’t need him) I don’t know where he goes, I ain’t seen him (Oh no? But you know the hoes seen him) He keep asking for a kiss but I won’t lean in (So? bet you he be wishin' I would lean in) Girl I wouldn’t trip I would leave him Fuck all that shit Get Even Steven Verse 2: Girl screw that man Crazy cuz I never even screwed that man You’ll find nothing if you ever scroll through that gram Shady mfer like who's that man? Girl I’m fruity like the toucan brand So before you go talking to me, best review that plan You must be off your rocker loonie tryna do that crap Cuz if you watched what he was doing, you would do that back And you would do that back like two fold (two fold) Always knew that man had two phones (ooo lord) But you move and act like you know (you know?) So that’s too damn bad that you don’t (move forward) The day before today, were you born? Cuz I know by now he gave away his true form And you're ready to drown about a drink that’s lukewarm You shouldn’t be proud of the mistake to choose war Do more baby Hook
Love/Hate 02:08
Inconvenient, that's the word that you're looking for Comedian, good at what you've been putting forth The teeniest thing could set you off easily 'specially when it is me looking good with your Friend that you think is a deviant hookup or Your pushing cart Idiot People are different depending on who they are with You're too fucking sure You wanna know me then book a tour Immediate-ly Until then patience is running thin and you could forget about getting any of that leniency I have got ears in all places if for one second you think you could BS me Better think again 'fore this shit turns in something straight out of a book by Stephen King You tryna tryna pretend sleep Acting like I don't even breathe You could hate me for as long you want to because I'll be a deep memory Love Hate Love Hate Love & Hate You tell your new chums my last steps I heard that your new plug's a fast text It's taken Control of Your hatred And motives But I know that you love the madness Say you like to keep all the shit in Well, you should chew Tums for that mess I keep it open Like keys in bowls and You're really not too tough to access You mustn't act stressed Do ya get mad when I Do what you can best You come to chat Get removed from the chat list You dug your trap Now you dump the casket Soothe all your wrath with a fruit covered basket Proof I've been stabbed It's like whodunnit happened Cue the footage I want you to look at it The beautiful, beautiful, beautiful, tragic Mutual havoc You do to me Do to you Do you feel terrible? Around you, I look like I'm a dare devil Redder than paprika Poppin' like an air vessel Letting this ship sink enough to get your hair wet so I'd kindly watch what you convey Try to show off some true constraint 2 is fine, 3's a crowd But we got room for love and hate Love Hate Love Hate Love & Hate
Verse 1: My system’s wrecked I went out with my sis but my sis just left After she exited with close fists, pissed, she sent A text saying "little sis take a Lyft instead" Then I thought about my phone What if it was dead? Or like what if the way home I go is incorrect? And to be honest in no way do I mean disrespect But how do you manage to trip enough to dip out when You came with your baby sis? See the disconnect? See the cup in my hand, if it’s mixed with meds She left me drunk with a man and his six of friends Who put their tongues in a can of an elixir blend So when they touch you they can give a kiss and then You get your lipstick and You got your perfume on You give a kiss to them Don’t got a curfew long You’re not a risk to them Less fight in her means more gifts to them Hook: I got your back Long as you got mine Watch your back If you don’t watch mine Watch your back Then when you walk by Watch your back You better watch your back x2 Verse 2: Lucky for me, I have a friend to phone “Lucy are you out your mind? How are you getting home?” Well this friendly gentleman who I have never known just- “No no Lucy, I am on my way. Don’t tread alone” I am not alone “Wait outside with him then if you want But he is not to take you anywhere you cannot go And when I pull up you better be there, I’m getting close What I’m telling you, this dude better prepare to tell his bros” And that was the end of the road She picked me up and he got mad we didn’t get to bone I don’t know what I’d do without someone dependable If the situation escalated and got sexual One minute I’m in the club The next, I’m getting told That my sister got a ride home so I should get my own I don’t think that I’m wrong but I don’t tell soul The bond we got is lifelong 'till she forgets her role Hook
Nowhere 03:38
Verse 1: We're talking again I feel unwelcome The ambience is ice clear I felt the stained glassiness of my tears I felt ya Clammy grip while I weirdly held ya I had said that I'm here to help ya Eyes were red your life fears had swelled up Inviting death and I nearly yelled but The time wasn't right to hear me yell cuz I thought it wasn't gonna make a difference Chasing different dreams while we flourished But the second you said it kinda stayed encrypted placed a shift of ease in our current Situation, didn't put the Energy in that you should've Desperately did I desperately did what I could to make the memory a good one But then But then there was a "but then" and anticipation went onto Halloween Less invitations following apologies I was sick of waiting, you forgot my qualities And that was indication of problems honestly But I didn't say shit You thought I didn't wanna speak But for your fucking information That shit meant a lot to me For awhile it was prolonged for weeks For awhile I really got no sleep So the deja vu, and the strain, and the fighting aren't the greatest combo of the 3 Bet you're relieved you don't gotta go to me It's stress relieving to dodge unwanted pleas And get to leave when you want with lotta ease But that's exactly how I never wanna be so I'll stand up when you call I'll stand up when you call Clear light Clear light When you call Clear light Clear light When you call Ooooh Ooooh When you call Clear Light Clear Light When you call Verse 2: I went through the roughest patch You picked me up And I slept in your car You drove me out to the boating docks so to lift me up but I wept in your arms You were stiff, we hugged like we just met at the park I made a remark that was marketing my death It must've scared you cuz Ever since then, you haven't thought to hit me once while apart And yes okay I said change Could do a number on us if we let it At the end of the day you caved Don't complain when all the bits are where you left them Ha put no energy in Shit Got my temper freeing Watching my moves, like you're refereeing It's really no wonder your friends are fleeing One holiday I didn't get to see ya Now you're in your head you start to get ideas That I don't invite you when you never leave ya Own house at all, I gotta check you're breathing Otherwise I feel you'll end up being Too in denial and much less agreeing Upset? of course I'm upset you're bringing A ton of stuff up that's dead, Jesus I'm blunt it's not the same as inconsiderate Don't confuse the 2 as synonyms I'm not sleeping much either but you wouldn't know cuz you haven't been listening Yeah just imagine you listening I can't imagine that shit in my Head that's a trip, that's a look at the map, that's a knock on the door, that's an avenue visit man Relief is the least of my worries And my world is topsy-turvy And all I wanted was for my friend to be Right there with me on the journey And I could still see it happening The both of us speaking overtly Just give me the time and the place, i'll meet you have halfway I might even be early Hey Hey, I'll tell you my problems And shine on the light on I see clearly Hey Hey, I'll tell you my problems And shine on the light on I see clearly I'll be there for you When you want the truth I'll never lie to you Forever and a day I'll be there for you When you want the truth I'll never lie to you Forever and a day
CHORUS: The sunlight The night life The wind blowing Through my eyes Through my eyes The tears They started to dry They were falling Now they’re gone I was crawling Now I’m lost in the light of the sky Verse 1: Push the button for the sun roof Play that song I like Y’know that one tune? Yeah I said “again” What’s new? I’m a free butterfly Out the cocoon Told them people I would come soon Never leave on time That’s what it’s come to Never overthink or assume It might be just like a dream come true And I need the right company To feel fine I’m out and then I’m in, I’m a thrill ride I’m up and then I’m down, driving around the hillside Tryna get out of town Got an hour, let’s kill time No I don’t know where to go And I don’t know how we’ll get there All the highs and the lows, when i’m on the road I’m less scared when there’s... CHORUS Verse 2: My old red Honda got us 'round for awhile Old vehicles really pull through Guess the older the better Pedals broken in already I remember I thought it was foolproof 90 when we speed up with an open moon roof A new-founded freedom when I chose to move roofs Might lose route along the run But remember where we’re from though so we never truly lose roots Summer days jobless, ha you remember that? All those days hot en mi Caza we’d spend them at Dust in our pockets, lots on our denim pants Papa is telling me I gotta call when I get a chance No I don’t know how we’re getting back Or if we’ll ever get it back I just hope that ahead the path Is never bad and as blessed as... CHORUS
Hustle 03:35
Hook: Staying up late Playing the game I hustle night and day I hustle my life away That’s how you play That’s how you stay in this Hustle night and day You hustle your life away Verse 1: Shouts to the chicks that are working a 9-5 I’m working a 9-6 Barely got time to write Feel I’ve been working my life to bits If I don’t put time aside Then what does it matter if I can spit? The kinda work ethic idolized By everybody that likes the rich I’m a survivalist And i’ve been microchipped Cuz how the hell can a sane person do this type of shit Without the help of addy, percocets, or vicodin And now my health is actually worse than how it might’ve been A million rivals and they all look like my twin Get em a knife and bet they’d try to skin me alive for rent My humble opinion is that if I don’t get right my life will end And I’m a dumb idiot not to decide the price that I will spend So I pretend To know why and when Sit in my office, go to my home, and then arrive again Picking my pockets, hoping a bone will be what I can get Until I’m content Or Till I regret Verse 2: Pondering all the possibilities Like what if I quit right now then walked right out the building would I feel relief or feel defeat? What if they say they can raise my pay? Would it fulfill my needs? And what if I make the same mistakes and waste my skills to be Someone I’m not, someone that’s somewhat a fraud, someone officially Stuck in a spot, youngin becoming a boss but I just feel complete Numbers of shock, whenever juggling lots over the billions weeks Running the job, now when I run it’s a jog and I can’t feel my knees Trouble ahead, wish I could jump into bed, missin the pillow sheets Fun isn’t meant for Someone in debt It bewilders me Because a percentage of all the funds that I get Don’t go into me So what can be said? Luckily nothing I guess Don’t know sympathy So I suffer silently like a puppet tied to string I can’t move my eyes to blink And don’t use my mind to think Expiring I must continue to do what makes it so that I can rap and I can sing Which tonight would be
Verse 1: Lately I’ve been aggro Hate being an adult Maybe it’s to do with what I'm taking in these capsules Or maybe it’s the moves that I go making in the shadows That make me shake awake ashamed to break away from battle Wading with a paddle Knees caving and I’m fragile It’s as if the water keeps on elevating as I travel Draining me, making me shallow Or crazy, wacko. Hook: The feeling is strong I feel it coming on Coming on and on On and on And the feeling is wrong x2 Verse 2: My laces must be untied Behaving like I’m one eyed Abrasive how I come off I’m braver when I’m supplied It’s lame how I can’t just like Hang with y’all cuz sometimes I’m anxious and it rubs off Evading every upside Made it into July Afraid that it’s just July Like this might be the last time I’m bathing in the sunlight Days’ll say their buh bye’s Faithful till the plug’s dry From a person to an angel, but why? Hook: Before the show (Before the show) I’m mixin, taking more and more And they don’t know Before the show (Before the show) I get so high the faces from the stage are too low
Ragdoll 03:10
Scrubbing, washing, rinsing Rinsing, scrubbing, washing Washing in the tub, I'm wincing Flushed from all the love not gotten Broad, she calls me princess as she brushes off my knots and problems “Bitch is there a problem? cuz I promise how I'm brought up, better not be problems” Propping me up topping product, product onto product Soaked like Carrie when they brought her to the prom as just a project Projecting her feelings onto me, her confidant in conflict Soap and water in my socket but don't let her spot a droplet “You gon’ You gon’ cry?” No, I do not seek solace Or the smallest attention I can get I'd soon be scalded I know your sand paper feeling fingers want me movie polished That's why you scrub envy out of little girls who too, seem olive Bog my head Sour, bratty We don't own a shower caddy So everything's where I am, on the edge Touch something I shouldn't You say do that shit again I ain't come this way to be your friend Hook: I scream She pulls She grabs I'm weak I don't Look back She want a rag doll She want a rag doll She want a rag doll She don’t love me at all Verse 2: She says “we got company honey” hurriedly She had no idea that they were coming in early So she goes outside to greet them, put my knees up I'm curling Waiting for her return as the cold water is eating thoroughly Through my thick skin Unworldly Is the wait I'm currently in So I get up Should I sit myself down waiting again or should I let up? How many people do you know can get second chances Cuz if it's real then where do I need to go and can I get one? I think I just got her blood pressure way raised She comes back, she says “I told you to stay placed” She thinks I think she thinks that it's fucking fun to play games Screaming while she's heaving, pulling me out then the shame came Naked on the floor can't take it, Make it Out the door I’m shakin’, achin’ Dragging me by my hair Guess what, now she's causing major breakage Pain is bad enough can't even get away with fakin’ they can See me ducking eyes while they get something from surveying mayhem And everybody just stares I'm so out of body I don't think I was there
Hook: I’m who she’s counting on Her moral support She’s been around a lot of Horrible sorts I’ve been warning ya Warning ya But I failed you when he Tore into ya But you don’t know that it’s Important do ya Not according to you Not according to you I’m most needed at the moment (moment, moment) You gon need me at the moment (moment, moment) Verse 1: I hop on with you on the merry go Say things differently when i'm around you to sugary coat Make you sing along and make you think that i can carry notes Make you think i'm strong Teach you all the necessary ropes Only heard i cared about you through a secondary source I got dirty laundry i've been washing so i'm airing clothes Watch me miss the change of age and flesh that's on your very skull As I make everything about me you make honorary roll And I have a got a role You're my shadow's mold Falsify the truth Everyday i'm told no one's more qualified than you Follow me around, follow i did too Have to tell myself i'm training you to stand in solitude And not to lean too much and to use caution Cuz the way that I see it there's 2 options I could be the unknown, an obtuse concept Or could be the hum tone to your new conscience Hook Verse 2: What of it after If it's not love and laughter And people start breaking your heart And you don't like one of my answers And though I tell you this to comfort you, i'm unsure if that works Cuz you can tell that i'm unsure by the bunch of unstructured patterns My routines have been falling in Calling in sick and calling it quits Long ago we lost novelty since then you've been watching me slip You say for once why can't you just responsibly live So you can realize when i'm down you have to constantly lift Cuz I need you to not leave But I feel that i've failed There’s places I could not reach There's things you haven't taught me Guess there's no harm in starting Be your back bone, be your back brace, Back then, hadn't backed you, went back ways Retold it and rewrote it, had to backspace But today we're coming back home and I think we'll be back safe I’m most needed at the moment (moment, moment) You gon need me at the moment (moment, moment) X2 Support X5 Hook
Lucy Camp - Protective (Produced by Glass Meadow) Verse 1: Jump to conclusions If I'm late when I'm given a time You jump to conclusions If it's late and I don't hit your line You dump your confusion In a rage becoming livid tryna Debunk the illusion I'm a saint who's just been christened To be blunt, this intrusion Of no faith's inviting distance Got me lumped, in a fusion That you made from slightly twisting What I'd done, evolution I would change but by the image There was none, you would choose if what you'd take was kindly given And because, I'm full of angst and completely attitude driven It's so easy to get you mad right when i’m up and I'm at 'em and I'm living It irks you badly It irks you badly Don't know the meaning of resistance Assert your boundaries Assert your boundaries Yet intervening in my business Space Can I get it? Ima need it Gotta have it Space Verse 2: Run away With no blueprint That's a hard one to devise I escape With no blueprint It just might be my demise I must wait Before movement Wait before my time's denied Leave no trace What my truth is So a lie's the right disguise I feel hate I'm translucent Quick to write what I despise Rest my case Talking to him Just won't do shit Why'd I try? It's a shame Have to do this Take soonest the line of flight And then let loose and less assuming of what suits the eyes of guys Life's a chase Find a pace Stick to it Slice of cake Then risk looking stupid when it switches Got some pie in face You're just mad cuz you aren't benefiting in the slightest way And you can't sit me at the television in that mindless state Like you always would Like you always did when it Wasn't going good I was always limited While they always could I always couldn't give I always couldn't give I always couldn't Always couldn't give Wasn't ever able I thought by now you'd see god didn't send an angel I thought by now you'd see I left the cradle So you don't get to say no You don't get to say no You don't get to say no Bridge: The world it keeps rotating I'm keeping people waiting To them i'm of no matter Feel just like fungal matter You think i'm speaking crazy If I don't leave I may be Hate running from my captor But I'll do what I have to Your hands they hold onto me too tight Won't let me leave your sight I'm gonna lose my mind Your hands are doing more wrong than right I'm thinking that it's time I start to live my life


A brand new mixtape, created throughout the year, track by track on the CampXO Patreon. Featuring production by Deacon the Villan (CunninLynguists), Lonecrew, Glass Meadow & Peter Anthony Red, this release revels in the multiple facets of Lucy's pen game.


released May 5, 2023

Written by Lucy Camp for Clearly Luz (ASCAP)
Produced by Peter Anthony Red for QN5 Music (ASCAP)
[*Unless otherwise noted]
©2023 QUINTIC. All Rights Reserved.


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Lucy Camp San Jose, California

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